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Your Focus Keeps You On Track and Amps Up Your Productivity

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Your focus and effectiveness are inextricably linked.

Indeed, time management tips, no matter how well-grounded they may be, are only as effective as your capacity to focus and follow-through.

So, your focus is a powerful productivity tool.

But that's not all. Your focus actually helps you restore your energy and free your creativity, too.

Staying on Track

In our information-saturated world, you can practically hear the battle being waged for your attention as an incessant buzzing in your head. Concentration can be difficult to come by, let alone sustain. Yet your focus is one of the most remarkable inherent strengths you can ever develop. So, would you like some support around staying on task and on track? Read on...

Your focus is about you...

It is really all about your quality of relationship with yourself. Whenever you need the motivation to calm your mind and concentrate, recall these three key advantages you will always gain when you focus:

  1. Whatever you are doing is enhanced.

  2. You are more present in your life.

  3. No time is required; there is always enough time to sharpen your focus.

This is about quality, not quantity. When you are centered you are bringing yourself fully to each of your moments and getting the most from what your moments hold. An hour is still an hour, whether you are present to it or not - but the content of that hour is essentially different when you are engaged as your fully attentive self.

What can your focus do?

So, let's deepen our appreciation of what this powerful and transformative time tool brings us by looking more specifically at what your focus can do for you. It can:

  • Transform Your Relationship With Time. Your anxieties about the future melt away because you fully inhabit the moment you are in. This is the rich experience of centuries of meditation practice, worldwide. You can trust it. When you are in the flow of the present moment, you experience the power that is always yours. You direct your inner relation-ship, with the rudder and sail in your hands. You attune yourself to life's winds and waves, and feel fully alive as you steer with increasing skill! The feeling of inner safety that comes when you fully occupy the moment cannot be matched.

  • Free You From Time-Consuming Past Scripts. Each of us carries stories from our past, created when we had limited understanding. Formulas we once thought kept us safe may now simply slow us down. So, how can you gain the perspective to step clear from old time traps? The ability to silence inner chatter and closely observe what surrounds you is an essential first step. As the Zen master instructs the student: "Attention... Attention... Attention... "

But that's not all...

  • Clarify Your Perceptions and Enhance Your Productivity. The less distracted you are, the more energy you direct to your task. Watch your effectiveness grow. The next time you start to feel scattered, breathe from your belly and warmly tell yourself that you can do one thing well. What about those urgent imperatives that vie for your attention? Write down whatever is distracting you. Promise yourself that when your task is completed, you can attend to that matter.

  • Increase Your Confidence. Nothing can match the feeling you give yourself by letting yourself experience the centered, relaxed, receptive self-intimacy that focused activity brings. By exercising positive control over your mind and your time, you immerse yourself in the flow of the present moment. Confidence grows organically when you direct your best energies to the task at hand.

And there's more...

  • Nurture Your Creativity. Do you question how creative you can be? As you cultivate your focus, new avenues of inner communication open up to you. Only when you silence the chattering that surrounds you can your wise and quiet voice of intuition be heard. Experiment with simply focusing within, on the effortless rising and falling of your breath. Let thoughts bubble up, and see which ones catch the light.

  • Continually Develop Your Skills. As you let yourself experience the satisfaction of being fully in the moment, you become less and less vulnerable to the nagging illusion that there is something outside of yourself that you 'need.' This encourages a rising spiral of self-reference, enabling you to direct your energy ever more skillfully.

In the end, focus, which takes no time, will actually give you time because it increases your power, satisfaction, confidence, and productivity. It allows you to pour your best energies into what you do right now, and watch them multiply.

So how will you start putting yourself in a position to find more success and satisfaction, beginning with this very moment?

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