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What Is Success to You?

What is Success to You?

Success. A word familiar to us all but elusive at best. Not everyone has the same definition of success and not all of us are truly living the lives we desire or experiencing the success we want. When it comes to business and financial matters having a success attitude plays a big part. The only way to reach your dreams is to believe in your heart that those dreams are meant to come to pass.

I wish there was some boilerplate recipe for success that worked every time. Sadly there isn't. Now there are principles and guidelines we can follow to help us along our journey which you will see as we continue talking about this subject. But the real key to finding success is to understand that life is a journey and every incident you encounter is doing one of two things for you; either it is drawing you closer to your definition of success or pulling you away. You have to figure out which is which so you can make sound decisions.

Below are some characteristics of success which are helpful to remember on your journey; See the goal clearly in front of you - the journey to success begins with a goal. Unless we have something we are working towards there is no motivation to make to make it so. Goals provide a benchmark which we can measure. Successful people are goal oriented and tasks focused. They discover what they want out of life and then perform tasks that will help them get there. You cannot be successful with no goal. These goals must be written and specific to your dreams for your life.

Understand the path to achieving your Goals is lined with difficulties- it would be nice if every day was filled with nothing but sunshine and roses. But life is not like that. Into every life a little rain must fall. This causes even the best of us to get discouraged by the challenges of our day. When you start on a journey to Success and hit obstacles you are prepared for them because you knew beforehand they were going to happen.

Create a picture of yourself that reflects your perception of yourself - do you see yourself in a positive or negative light? A positive perspective will make your future brighter.

Clear you mind of all unbelief - it is easy to believe you will fail. To be successful you must clear your mind of doubts and unbelief about your ability to be successful.

Embrace the obstacles you have come to understand exist- every journey to being successful will have some obstacles along the way. The focus must be on embracing the obstacles while plowing through them. Nothing and no one must prevent you from realizing your dreams.

Stay focused on the goals you set - the prize at the end of the race is the only reason to be in the race. Keep your eyes on why you are in the race in the first place.

Show everyone, including yourself, that you can do all things - being confident in your ability to succeed goes a long way in being successful.

Don't believe the lie that success only belongs to a select few. You have as much of a right to be a success as anyone else.

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